Jason Calacanis has a lot of harsh feelings towards Facebook! He’s really missed the point of Facebook, its about online communication, aggregating widgets that mean something to you, poking each other, and writing on 10 million walls a day. If you’re not up for this, then Facebook is NOT for you.

He almost seems anti-social! He doesn’t want to see what movies I like and recommend, he doesn’t care about comments/messages you send him, and he doesn’t care about joining groups (even if they are for good causes). He argues that we aren’t going to save anything with creating a group…which is wrong! That’s only the first step and social networking is making it easier to get people around the world involved with the same mission.

Most likely, he’s just fed up with social networking in general…since there’s so much news out there, especially on techmeme. But, that’s what feed readers are for…filter out all the redundant stuff.

All of the reasons Jason hates facebook are all of the reasons why I like it! Why is this? Is it a generation gap? What’s going on here?

Time will answer these questions, but here’s my prediction:

Facebook will change how we receive news (especially on mobile devices). Facebook will become the next feedreader…it will become a one-stop shop for everyone! Finally, it will surpass MySpace as the most valuable social networking site in the WWW.

WORD OF ADVICE: Jason, you can remove those widgets from your facebook so you don’t see what movies they recommend…it might help!

UNRELATED NOTE: He is also a 5th degree black belt in TKD…Jason I do TKD as well. Let’s chat sometime!

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